1) What brands of power equipment does Gillum's service?                       

  2) Can I drop my equipment off at Gillum's for repair or service?

  3) I need a new blade for my push mower, can I purchase that part from Gillum's?

  4) Can Gillum's work on my small engine even though it might not be used on a lawn mower or string trimmer?

  5) Does Gillum's offer pick-up and delivery service?

  6) What should I do when my gas product will not start?

  7) What should I do to prepare my gas product for long term storage (over 90 days)?

  8) What is the proper way to mulch? How do I mulch?

  9) Why am I leaving an uncut strip of grass with my riding tractor?

  10) How much oil and how much gas do I mix for use in my two-cycle engine?

  11) How do I jump start a riding mower?

  12) How do I send an email to the webmaster?